The end of anonymity

This blog will hopefully remain anonymous and unknown except to a select few of my friends. I enjoy my anonymity online. I’ve been online since the early 90’s (arguably since the late 80’s). I learned early on that things *stick around*. One stupid comment will hang around your neck forever. Googling my name still brings up stupid posts and associations from 10 years ago. Ugh. I hate that. It turns my stomach. This aversion to appearing stupid or idiotic kept me from posting much and even became ingrained in me.

My new job is going against the grain. Big time. I must now become an online personality. I must become a public figure. Holy shit. Here I go – in front of the world. Open mouth – insert foot.

My friends assure me I’ll do well. I won’t make too big a fool of myself. I guess I’ve just got to thicken my skin and take my lumps. It’s going to be a ride.

I think one of my big reasons for being so hesitant is that I fully realize that I don’t know everything. I don’t want to put my thoughts out there as being authoritarian – someone’s got a better idea or a better way of looking at things for sure.

Commenting on blogs, emailing random people out of the blue, blogging myself and good god, I’m even on Twitter. I ask my friends to please be understanding of my new job and my new dual identity. I’d like to keep facebook as my one refuge from the public. Don’t know how long that will last though.

Into the deep end I go.


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