CNN Hologram Fake-out

This pissed me off the second I saw it.  I actually yelled at the tv in a crowded bar.  It was nothing but a gimmick and a lie, pure and simple.  Blitzer saw *nothing*.  There was no hologram.  He was staring into empty space and the image of Yellin was spliced in to the video feed just like the yellow first down line during football games.

Fake hologram

Fake hologram

What concerns me most about this is that it was a lie.  Plain and simple.  CNN and Blitzer threw away their standing as journalists for a cheap gimmick.  This is the nail in the coffin of mass media journalism.  I for one, will no longer watch or trust CNN (that trust has been eroding for a looong time).

When will we see a return to journalistic integrity?


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