Plugging my loves

Ray Kurzweil:

Here’s a big guy who’s talked a lot about future stuff – Ray Kurzweil. His ideas are amazing. He’s been predicting technology trends for 20+ years and has actually been on the conservative side. He also cured himself of Type 2 diabetes. I attended a talk of his in Houston a couple years agol.

Here’s his website that contains more info than I could get through in a lifetime:


K. Eric Drexler popularized nanotech. His book Engines of Creation (available for free) is an amazing read and will open your eyes to the possibilities it can bring.

The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence:

The SIAI is a pretty cool group. Stanford has put on a conference the last 2 years. Check out these talks/videos. They’re very interesting and thought provoking.

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading:

Speaking of interesting presentations, here’s TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design. “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.” This is one of the most fantastic collections of ideas on the planet.

Presentation Zen:

Having an idea is one thing. Getting it across to others is quite another. Presentation Zen has opened my ideas to new ways of communicating. It’s a treat to read.


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One Response to “Plugging my loves”

  1. jasonhenle Says:

    The Singularity is Near is being made into a movie for next year! The Singularity is Near Movie.

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