Finding your Purple Cow

Seth Godin has a great presentation entitled “All Marketers are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World.” This is a must view for anyone who’s looking on how to get an idea to catch. It’s on the long side, but Seth’s a great presenter and keeps things lively.

As usual, I found this cool link from Garr at Presentation Zen. Thanks, Garr!


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2 Responses to “Finding your Purple Cow”

  1. Tim Rueb Says:

    Ok, I’m curious now, after you seeing this presentation, what Purple Cow do you see in your future?

  2. apatheticzeal Says:

    I see it primarily as a shift in mindset. Seth’s point about the purple cow is the significance of something different. If it’s the same old cow, we’re just going to keep driving, but if you’ve got something new, different, and remarkable, well, you’ll remark on it. It’ll be memorable.

    The shift comes in how you need to connect to people. You’ve got to *matter* to them personally. We’ve all got thousands of options for whatever we want. Unless you stand out – and not just stand out, but be personally relevant – you won’t even be noticed.

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